We’ve taken the ultimate utility vehicle and retrofitted it to the exact specifications of hunters.

The 2X2 Hunt Edition is an all-wheel 
drive electric motorbike designed for the hunt and built for the wild.


All-wheel drive

A high-torque 1.7kW peak power hub motor in each wheel ensures great acceleration and control in rough terrain with no spark danger. Take that narrow trail or traverse that steep bank with confidence.

Max range

With up to 75mi (120km) max range* you’ll have the endurance to track your prey wherever it goes – up hill, across streams, through the mud, and beyond.

*Achieved under test conditions. range varies depending on speed, weight, conditions etc.

Max carry weight

Kitted out to carry all your hunting gear, with a max carry weight of 330lb (150kg) including the rider, you can take in your equipment and bring home your catch.

Boost mode

With more speed, get further faster for the hunt. The Hunt Edition comes with Boost Mode which lifts the top speed from 30mph to 40mph* (64kph)

*Riding at full throttle in Boost Mode over prolonged periods will reduce range and power, and increase motor temperature.

Ready for the hunt

Working alongside Shane Dorian, we’ve packed this bike with utility and function for the hunt, and included an accessory package curated from top hunting brands.

We worked closely with hunter and Hall of Fame surfer Shane Dorian, to develop a bike that has everything any serious sportsperson would need.


On-Frame Molle Panels

These MOLLE Panels have been designed to fit onto our Super X-frame. Allowing for maximum utility to tie, clip or mount your bag, cargo net, water bottles or hunting pouches.

Barebones Nata Tool

Made from 3CR13 stainless steel and durable walnut. This unassuming multi-purpose cleaver is made to clear brush, strip bark and make kindling.

Bow/Gun Mount

When combined with our adapter pack these Bow Mounts can be attached to almost any part of the bike. On the handlebars, on the frames, or on the cargo decks.

Embrace electric adventure and get deep into the wild. Fully equipped with the right accessories to tackle anything that comes your way.

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LCD Dash with LED Floodlight

The Hunt Edition pairs the powerful 2400 lumen LED array with a backlit dashboard. Get the best field of view while riding and always know how much you’ve got left in the tank.

Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps

These multi-purpose polyurethane straps are virtually unbreakable. A stamped aluminium buckle prong holds the strap in place for pre-fitting and easy chaining together. With a set of 4, you can virtually tie anything onto the bike.

Peak Design Mobile Bar Mount

Virtually bomb proof and guaranteed for life. An easy to use phone mount that features magnetic mounting technology and best in class vibration isolator. This mount has been road tested for thousands of miles on diverse terrains and phone models.

Waterproof Center Tote

Fitting snug in the Super X frame this center tote is built from anti-rip and waterproof fabric. With 12 liters of storage it’s the perfect drop and go accessory.

Boost Mode for more speed

Unlock the top speed of your UBCO from 30mph to 40mph* (64kph) with the new Boost Mode. With more speed, get further faster for the hunt.

*Riding at full throttle in Boost Mode over prolonged periods will reduce range and power, and increase motor temperature.

onX GPS App for outdoor adventures

Receive a 3 month Elite Membership to the onX app when you purchase a Hunt Edition Bike. Route, plan, and navigate with private and public land boundaries, 3D satellite and topographic basemaps. The perfect companion for anyone going deep into the bush

“The experience of using an electric AWD vehicle to hunt, especially one as tough as the UBCO, is unbeatable – it's light, silent, and a blast to ride. I’m excited about where I can get to this season using this bike” — Shane Dorian


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