Our products are proudly stocked by authorized UBCO Dealers across the country. As interest and excitement grows for our unique products and sought after brand in the fast growing EV space, we are on the lookout for new dealers to expand our reach. If you are looking to join the electric revolution, don't delay. Enquire about becoming an UBCO dealer today.


Don’t just take our word for it


"In my short time on the vehicle, I couldn't stop marveling how comfortable and shock-absorbing it was."

– Scott Kramer, Forbes


"This all boils down to one fun and tough adventure bike, featuring high quality construction (both hardware and software) with reliable durability."

– Bryon Dorr, Men's Journal


"The UBCO 2×2 electric motorcycle is easy to ride for just about anyone. I’ve spent some time on one over the years and can attest to how fun and responsive they are."

– Bryon Dorr, Gear Junkie


"New Zealand EV brand UBCO is making some of the best made rugged e-bikes around... "

– John Thompson, Men's Health

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Why partner with UBCO?

Innovative, expanding, and easy to ride product line. 

Growing brand recognition and staying power.

Monthly programs including flooring, consumer financing, wholesale incentives, consumer rebates and more. 

Comprehensive training and support with a dedicated US sales and customer service team. 

Marketing automation including free best-in-class creative from our group of ambassadors.

Dealer search and door swing support from our in-region marketing team.

Innovative and striking Point of Sale and Point of Purchase materials. 


To become a Dealer, we are looking for the following.

Retail and physical store presence in your region.

Ability to perform maintenance work on our vehicles.

Strong website presence.

Social following.

Ability to execute on a local marketing plan to generate test rides.

A passion for EVs.


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