Accessorized for hunting, and built tough for off-road conditions, the 2x2 Hunt Edition is stealth, agile, and quick. Designed for the hunt. Built for the wild.


Working alongside Shane Dorian, we’ve packed this bike with utility and function and included an accessory package curated from top hunting brands.


“After bow hunting for 20 years, it’s really cool to have a tool like the Hunt bike, because it doesn’t take anything away from my experience as a hunter, it just really adds as a tool to be able to get farther out safely. I can pack out more meat and bring more gear with me. For me it’s a game changer.” – Shane Dorian. Hunter, Hall of Fame surfer.

“The UBCO Hunt Edition is a hunter’s dream bike. With a 75-mile range, AWD, and full suspension, I can get everywhere I need to hunt with only the twist of a throttle. The 335 lb weight capacity allows me to extend my hunts and bring home more meat. The experience of using a silent, electric AWD vehicle to hunt, especially one as tough as the UBCO is unbeatable.”
– Shane Dorian


“One of the things I love about the 2X2 is its ability to silently cover ground. It’s like a stealthy companion that’s willing to carry your gear for you without a fuss. It also allows me to hunt in environments with minimal disturbance.” – Owen Boynton (aka Toa Hunter Gatherer)


“On my last trip I’ve never seen so many hares. I must have seen 90 or more, simply because I could cruise along quietly without attracting attention. Sitting inside the cab of a diesel truck isn’t that good for hunting – you can’t see much. And walking is too slow. Now I can cover a whole block in a night, and I can check every spot.” – Kelly Pouwhare | Hunter – Gatherer

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