Scout the creek, river, or lake and find the perfect fishing spot.

Bring the rods, the cooler, and the cooking gear all on your 2X2 electric bike.

All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive is provided by a high-torque 1kW motor in each wheel for great acceleration and control in slippery or rough conditions. Fully sealed, the motors are designed to handle all off-road conditions.

Max speed

At 30mph/50kph you’ll have no trouble tackling tough trails or keeping the herd in the right direction. Change from eco to boost mode for some extra oomph.

Off road range

With around 50 miles (80 km) in off road conditions you can run all your essential errands or head out into the wild. Range is affected by variables such as weight, incline, and terrain.

*75mi/120km achieved under test conditions.

To attach gear

Built to carry your tools and equipment, the bike has 19 lugs for attaching tie downs, mounts, and accessories. Strap on the chainsaw, bring your supplies, your lunch – even your dog.

“I was surprised how much we were able to get on to the bike. We thought it’d be a good chance to explore some spots we’d always wanted to go to but didn’t want to hike”.

“Really impressed with this bike. It’s got power, it looks great, it’s super durable, and it’s light enough to manhandle around.” — Riding Sports TV


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