Case Study: Conservation


The aim of the team and volunteers at Rotorua Trails Trust is to make the Rotorua recreational trail network a user experience that is second to none. Find out how the UBCO 2X2 electric bike helps them with their work.

Maintaining the Trails

Everyday, the team and volunteers at Rotorua Trails Trust are out maintaining the trails. They see themselves as guardians of the land. The team builds and maintains the trails amongst the beautiful Redwoods Forest, promoting environmentalism and a healthy lifestyle for the locals and tourists lucky enough to use the walking and biking trails; for thrills, recreation, exercise, scenic views, or just an interlude of tranquillity with nature.

With over 180km of mountain bike trails alone, the team have a big job and a lot of distance to travel. Kris O'Driscoll is the Operations Manager at Rotorua Trails Trust. She ensures the team continues to enhance the value of the trail network.

"The UBCO bikes have been super helpful at getting onto the trails and getting to the areas that we want to work -- through the trees, up the hills, and along the trails, without damaging the tracks. They have the power to be able to carry everything, whether it's rakes, or chainsaws, or hedge trimmers. They are really reliable so I know I can send the guys out with the tools they need and they'll get back to base safely."

Working in an incredible forest, the Trust are highly attuned to the environmental impact they’re making, so the UBCO 2X2 is the perfect vehicle for their mahi. It’s tough, but green, much like the Redwoods themselves.

Kris says: "One of the risks for us is fire. It's a commercial forest and the owners want to know that their trees are being looked after. So knowing that the UBCO is electric helps us manage any of those risks of fire or damage to the trees."

Easy Access

Rotorua Trails Trust use their UBCO 2X2s to reach the tracks they're working on, carrying the gear they need for the day. It's important for them to have a vehicle that is easy to manoeuvre through tight spaces and narrow trails, carry lots of gear, and handle hilly and often muddy terrain, all without damaging the trails. Matt Clark is on the trail maintenance team.

"It's nice having the all-wheel drive," says Matt, "because it gives us the most amount of traction in the muddy terrain we have to get around in."

Along with its functionality, Matt also enjoys taking the 2X2 out onto the trails.

"It's really easy to handle and I can take it along some pretty technical tracks. It's a lot of fun as well as being a handy work tool."

The perfect Partnership

"It's awesome to be able to sponsor the Rotorua Trails Trust with a bike," says Kat Sutherland, Marketing Manager for UBCO. "We have a number of keen mountain bikers on our team so its good to be able to give something back to the mountain biking community.

"The UBCO 2X2 fits perfectly with the Rotorua Trails Trust ethos -- hardworking, practical, and environmentally friendly."

Matt loads up all the gear he needs to maintain the hiking, biking, and horse riding trails. The 2X2 carries everything he needs with ease.

Matt and Kris overlook the beautiful Whakarewarewa Forest at dawn.

A special thanks to Kris and Matt for showing us around the Redwoods. Could an UBCO 2X2 help you with trail maintenance? Shop now or test ride a 2X2 at your nearest dealer.