From Hollywood to the Heartland

Actor and producer, Brock O’Hurn, known for his bigger than life performances in Righteous Gemstones, Mel Brooks' History of The World: Part 2 and more, shares how the memories of an old 50cc Honda came flooding back on a recent overlanding expedition.  

I started my journey with the plan to drive cross country to start training for an upcoming film I’m doing. Starting in my hometown, Los Angeles and heading to Nashville, Tennessee to meet up with friends. In between I wanted to hit as many places as I could from the Grand Canyon to visiting mates in Texas.  

There’s something special I’ve always found about overlanding and being able to go where you want on your terms. But after enough trips I found it limiting to get my camp set up with the truck tent and then have my vehicle virtually immobile. That’s where UBCO changed the game. I have ridden my fair share and owned eBikes before I found UBCO, but nothing I found suited my needs and lifestyle better than these utility bikes.  

I’ve had beach cruisers and 60mph eBikes. And I can tell you right now, nothing compares to the first time you fire up an UBCO 2X2 and hit the throttle. The thing I noticed immediately was the torque and how you could feel the two-wheel drive right out the gate. The suspension is absolutely insane and I’m a big guy. 6’7” 260lbs. So, finding something that supports me, and my gear addiction, is exactly what I needed. The UBCO does it with ease.

I could load up my bow, food, water, camera gear, basically anything without getting slowed down in the slightest.  

Once I arrived in Nashville, within the first hour that good old southern weather hit. Nothing short of a torrential down pour. So, we busted out the rain gear and hit the trails in the back country of my buddy Ian’s farm.  

There’s no better feeling than being on two wheels in my opinion. My first time on a motorized vehicle solo was an old 50cc Honda that I got to rip around the desert as a kid. That memory stuck with me and if it has two wheels or any kind of motor, I’ll find a way to ride it.

This trip took me right back to it. There was some steep and now muddy terrain that I don’t think I could have navigated as well on anything in the eBike space as I did on the all-wheel drive UBCO.  

To handle the weight I added with my body alone, the terrain, the rain, mud, branches and whatever else we threw at it, it didn’t take long to prove to me how durable and reliable these bikes are. We spent a week riding every day. The weather cleared up and turned the back woods into our own southern paradise.

I’d have to throw in that my favorite quality is honestly the electric element. They’re quiet. They get the job done and don’t leave your ears ringing after a full day’s adventure.  

UBCO might have messed up and made me their number one fan, so it won’t be the last time I praise these bikes and the people running the show behind the scenes. UBCO is what adventure is all about and it’s backed by a team of genuinely good people.  

Cheers to the next adventure! 

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