Quick acceleration, no clutch and responsive handling—you’ll be smiling from ear to ear as you zip through city traffic or off-road trails on this electric motorcycle.

Miles max range

Go near or far. With a max range of 75 miles, you can go to work, run all the errands, or visit your friend on the other side of town without having range anxiety.

Mph max speed

Perfect for city riding. 30mph lets you keep up with the traffic or zip between it. Use the App to change from Eco to Boost mode when tackling a tougher ride.

Hours to full charge

Run an extension line to the bike or bring the battery indoors. Our 10 Amp charger plugs straight to your wall socket and into the battery.

Lbs max carry weight

The Special Edition can carry a total weight of 330lbs (including the rider). Carry the groceries, gym gear, or laptop with ease.

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