Tackle city streets or dirt tracks on the 2023 Special Edition. An all-electric, all-wheel drive motorcycle, ready for any adventure.

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ALL-Wheel Drive

Front and rear motors provide better handling in wet weather and uneven terrain.

Go Ride. Get About.
Electric motors in each wheel provide excellent traction and acceleration whether you’re riding over asphalt or loose gravel.

All-Wheel Drive

A 1 kWh hub motor fitted in each wheel ensures all-wheel drive traction. Perfect for wet roads and improved cornering.

Mph max speed

The Special Edition has two ride modes, Eco and Boost. Use the app to switch between the two when tackling tough terrain or steep hills.

Miles max range

With a max range of 75 miles you can go to work, run all the errands, or visit your friend on the other side of town without having range anxiety.

Lbs max carry weight

The Special Edition can carry a total weight of 330lbs (including the rider). Carry the groceries, gym gear, or laptop with ease.

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Go packed. Get anywhere.
Strap, store and carry. Complete with detachable carry bags and accessories, this bike will help you pack more into your day.

30L Rear Bag

Our UBCO designed rear carry case is made for versatile carrying—from small items to extra-large ones. Pack your gym gear, groceries, lunch or laptop.

2X Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps

These tough multi-purpose stretch straps provide full flexibility to attach and carry your picnic mat, yoga mat or bed roll.

Special Edition 2x2 Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps

Center Carry-All

Fitting snuggly above the battery, the UBCO designed carry-all provides quick, easy access storage for your bag, bottle, or the morning supply run.

Special Edition 2x2 Centre Carry

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