Anthesis and UBCO Partner to Expand Sustainable Transportation Globally

This partnership is part of the Anthesis Ventures initiative, in which Anthesis supports early-to-growth stage companies that share its purpose and vision for a more productive and resilient world. Anthesis Ventures has partnered with UBCO as it enters its growth phase, expanding through the increased traction in food delivery, postal and logistics and urban mobility. The two companies will work together for a greater combined efficacy in their shared sustainability mission. Anthesis will help UBCO refine its value proposition to enterprise fleet customers, particularly amplifying the sustainability benefits of UBCO’s business model design, which addresses a number of concerns that surround micro-mobility solutions.

By design UBCO's vehicles are built to last, with vehicles in high intensity farming applications lasting for over four years. This durability has informed UBCO’s business model design, which explores; bike-as-a-service, buy-back schemes and battery-as-a-service solutions, ensuring chain of custody remains in place, to enable recycling, upcycling for secondary markets and appropriate disposal at end-of-life.

Founded in New Zealand, UBCO is currently raising funds for Series B investment, while expanding its market presence with a focus on North America and Europe. UBCO offers its customers more than just a vehicle, providing a platform that includes UEVs, accessories, portable power supplies and subscription software. Anthesis shares UBCO’s belief that its platform of electric vehicles, approach to product stewardship and life cycle thinking will have a meaningful impact on corporate fleets, food delivery, logistics and personal mobility.

As part of Anthesis Ventures, UBCO will have access to Anthesis’ subject matter experts, extended networks of partners, connections, investors and impact capital, and crucially a path to meaningful engagement with Anthesis’ 800+ global client base, offering UBCO the scale and traction needed to accelerate progress towards a clean economy.

“This partnership represents a shared set of values and purpose that demonstrates the power of placing sustainability at the heart of mission, business model design and customer experience. Not only can you create a great product, you can redefine the experience for the customer to the extent the transition to electric vehicles becomes so seamless a new level of expectation is forever set.” Phil Harrison, Director, Anthesis Ventures.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Anthesis. Sustainability has always been a core focus for our business, and now we have the chance to amplify that value. I really believe in the potential of our platform and product stewardship programme. With businesses and individuals increasingly interested in sustainable travel, we’re at a tipping point. Working with Anthesis will ensure we are set to maximise our growth as we move to a greener future.” Timothy Allan, CEO, UBCO.